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Space Needs Assessment

Keep your eye on the goal. Maximizing the doctors ability to see patients means more care for patients, higher revenues for the practice and better quality of life for doctors and staff. We help you determine what is right for your practice.

Practice Flow Solutions' Space Needs Assessment service is geared towards start up and small practices (1-3 care providers) when there is not the opportunity or there is minimal benefit to observing the existing practice functions.

Even with small practices the amount of space your practice requires is a function of the growth plans of the practice and the flow concepts for patients, staff and doctors. You must have a strong understanding of how the practice should function and the expected patient volumes to correctly identify the size of your practice.

We combine years of experience analyzing, programming, and designing practices with information on your practice to develop a space needs spreadsheet, projected production data, concepts of efficient and effective flow patterns for your specific specialty and a review of potential practice locations.

We review the location options for your practice in regards to the space or site's ability to effectively house your practice to make sure the space, flow, and type of practice you want can be successfully accommodated. Accurately projecting the optimal amount of space and understanding the pros and cons of each option will also allow you to negotiate for your new space with confidence.

The Space Needs Assessment is performed in two stages:

Stage I

We provide you a questionnaire to complete that compiles current data on patient volume, services rendered, staffing model in place, doctors and extenders caring for patients, and the space where care is being provided.

The length of time required to complete Stage I is greatly influenced by how long it will take you to complete the questionnaire. Generally, practices need about a week to gather the appropriate data. Once we have the data we will have a conference call to review the data.

Stage II

This is where we meld your information from stage I with our experience to project the proper amount of square feet for your practice. This is accomplished in our office and use phone and web meetings to gather further information and to present our findings to you.

The deliverables of the service are:

  • A spreadsheet listing all the rooms and the proper size for each. The spreadsheet will give a total for the overall square foot of your practice.
  • Evaluation of suite/site options.
  • Financial projections on the estimated construction costs of new space.
  • Verbal presentation of our findings.
  • Follow up after your review of the Space Needs Assessment to finalize any of your comments.
  • Stage II will take four working days to complete. We will have a web meeting to present our findings.

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