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Practice Planning

Your dollar is too valuable to waste on a poor design, especially one that costs your practice in lost opportunity everyday. Our understanding of your unique practice allows us to swiftly and accurately develop an effective and attractive practice environment for you.

Practice Planning is the process of combining the concepts of good flow systems developed in the Practice Flow Assessment with equipment planning and space to enhance the caring of patients in your practice.

Practice planning is different than general architecture in that the practice planning is focused mainly on the operational characteristics of the facility, following the adage "Form Follows Function". Our practice planners have over 35 years of experience exclusively in planning medical office space. This benefits you by getting to the right design faster. You do not spend valuable time educating another architect about the nuances of your specialty or services being provided. Most of the time, the first design we present to you, addresses your needs correctly and with only minor tweaks in the design that is implemented.

Practice Planning is performed in four stages

Stage 1

The spatial allocation spreadsheet from the Practice Flow Assessment or Space Needs Assessment must be signed-off on by you to give final approval to the size of your practice. If your practice is moving to a suite within a building, we must have the CADD shell drawings for your suite so we can begin the next stage.

Stage 2

Practice Flow Solutions will create a Practice Flow Diagram that illustrates the number of people, patients, staff and doctors that will be moving through your practice and the general layout of the practice. The purpose of this diagram is to get an initial understanding of the direction of the design concept and how the geometry of the available space/land interacts with the desires of the practice.

  • The deliverable will be a drawing that will be hand drawn or created on CADD showing departmental adjacencies and flow volumes.
  • This stage typically takes 4-7 days to complete from the sign-off of the spatial allocation and signed agreement.
  • We will have a web meeting to go over the Practice Flow Diagram and get your approval to proceed.

Stage 3

We will then build on the previous stages and do a "too scale" Initial Practice Plan showing the location of all walls, doors, cabinets and generic furniture. The Initial Practice Plan gives shape to the good patient, staff and doctor flow concepts previously identified.

  • The deliverable will be both colored and black and white drawings produced on CADD.
  • This stage typically takes 8-12 working days to complete from the sign-off of the Practice Flow Diagram.
  • We will then have another Web meeting and/or come to your practice to present the Initial Practice Plans.

Stage 4

The Final Practice Plans improve the overall practice flow by creating space that facilitates efficient communication, way-finding and comfort for patients, staff and doctors.

Communications are enhanced by proper location of data and communication connections. Also, custom design of your cabinetry puts people and equipment in the proper location to do what you need them to do. The location and design of cabinetry, electrical/data communication outlets and furniture are of the utmost importance within the exam room. The design of the exam room will enhance the interaction between patients and their doctors, and leave your patients knowing that you care about them.

Way-finding is accomplished with ceiling designs that allow patients to clearly identify paths within the practice so they can move from exam room to checkout without staff or doctor assistance. We will identify areas (walls, ceilings, soffits, etc.)that should be treated with accent finishes allowing important areas to stand out from the rest of the office. These areas will contribute to the way-finding and give opportunities for you to get the most "bang for your buck" out of your finish budget.

Most architects and designers understand how to create mechanical zones due to how the sun moves through the sky, but few understand how to properly create comfort zones for patients, who are at rest or disrobing, and staff and doctors who are working at a rapid pace. The mechanical systems is one of the largest parts of your construction budget, so having the proper number of comfort zones with properly located thermostats is the best way to protect your investment. The allocation of zones and thermostats will be part of the Final Practice Plans.

  • The deliverables will be a set of black and white drawings produced on CADD. This set of drawings typically includes a dimensioned floor plan, furniture/power/data/equipment plan, ceiling plan, cabinetry elevations and plans, and specialty room details.
  • This final stage typically takes 10-15 working days from the sign-off of the Initial Medical Plan.
  • We will then have another Web meeting and/or come to your practice to present the Final Practice Plans package.
  • The Final Practice Plans are also submitted to you in CADD format so your architect can work from these files to complete the requirements of the local jurisdiction. But our work on your part does not have to stop at this point. Practice Flow Solutions is available for consultations during the remaining design phases and construction to answer any practice planning questions that may arise as an additional service.

As you can see, we develop the initial planning documents and those are supplied to the architect to implement. The practice planning and flow decisions are made between you and an expert in practice planning and the general architect in your area handles the basic building issues. Depending on the state, Practice Flow Solutions can provide the architectural services or help you find a qualified architect.

Please contact us at for pricing and length of time for performance.

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